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DGG: We Make Your 3D Workflows Take Off!

Many industries all around the world are currently experimenting with 3D visualization scenarios, in different areas such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), or 3D on the Web. However, 3D workflows require a high level of domain expertise, which makes them hard to implement, and even performing first experiments with 3D visualization may involve a lot of overhead until the first presentable results become available.

With our proven, streamlined, applicable and fast 3D case studies, DGG helps you to get conclusive results within a well-defined timeframe, in a well-presentable format. For physical models or scanned 3D data sets, we provide end-to-end case studies for 3D visualization scenarios. Results are made available to you in three different formats:

  • As optimized, presentation-ready 3D models
  • As detailed PDF report with rendered images and statistics
  • As HTML5 Web-ready interactive presentation

In addition, we offer the creation of VR & AR proof-of-concept applications. Our deep know-how and experience in the 3D computer graphics R&D sector, combined with a strong network of partners, brings all that it needs to make your 3D case shine. Convincing stakeholders for your 3D project has never been easier!

Here’s a simple example of what can be achieved by optimizing a scanned 3D data set with our automated tools for efficient online presentation – you can touch the model with your mouse to freely spin it and zoom, experiencing the dynamic lighting and high-quality shading effects that allow for a more tangible experience than common 2D pictures:

Digitized model courtesy of CultLab3D

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