Meet the Founders

In 2018, DGG was founded by a passionate team of four researchers and entrepreneurs. We are a spinoff of Fraunhofer IGD, an internationally leading research institution for applied visual computing, located in Darmstadt (Germany). Since the beginning of our project in 2014, our RapidCompact software (originally labeled InstantUV) has been designed, developed and profiled with a single goal in mind: making 3D workflows fully-automated, lightning-fast, and usable by anyone.

With many years of experience in both worlds, research and industry, DGG’s founding team unites deep know-how on 3D data optimization and 3D visualization workflows. Our strong network of partners spans not only the over 100 world-class computer graphics researchers  of Fraunhofer IGD, but also 3D studios, 3D digitization labs and organizations for standardization of 3D formats. Every day, we are driven by our strong vision, and by the passion to excel; be it on the technological level, or in contact with our customers – we always strive to deliver only the best possible results.

To learn more about our founding team, meet the members:

Dr.-Ing. Max Limper, CEO
Max is the original creator of the first RapidCompact software. He received his PhD from TU Darmstadt (with honors), on the topic of 3D data optimization. During the past few years, he has successfully managed many R&D projects, also serving as deputy head of the Visual Computing System Technologies department at  Fraunhofer IGD. During this time, Max also got selected for the two-year German IT leadership training program Software Campus. He has  published first-authored, peer-reviewed publications in leading journals and at leading computer graphics conferences around the world, including ACM SIGGRAPH, Eurographics, ACM Web3D and Pacific Graphics. During his time as a student and researcher, Max has visited Siemens Corporate Research (Princeton, NJ, USA) in 2010, and Alla Sheffer’s Digital Geometry Processing group at the University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada) in 2017. Max enjoys working with people, creating good software and solving problems. Apart from that, in his free time, he is a passionate guitar player and likes to go bouldering.

Miguel Sousa, CTO
As a software engineer with a passion for graphics, Miguel is looking back to more than a decade of experience in industry and graphics R&D.  During this time, he has worked on many software projects around the world, involving diverse topics related to real-time 3D computer graphics, video processing, and photorealistic rendering. Miguel has successfully developed core parts of highly used established 3D solutions, for example when developing high-quality virtual materials for RTT DeltaGen (now part of 3DEXCITE by Dassault Systèmes). However, he also has experience in creating technology from scratch within startups, such as for the online video editing platform Shakr, where he was responsible for the architecture of a rendering farm and developed tools for aiding content creators. Besides developing new technologies, Miguel enjoys traveling and listening to music from progressive rock to retrowave.

Felix Limper, BizDev
Felix is a business developer with a focus on technical projects. He holds a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from the University of Paderborn. During his time as a student, he gained his first experiences with the development of highly innovative intelligent systems when working at the interdisciplinary Heinz Nixdorf Institute. Felix is looking back to several years of experience in developing business models and startup programs. As an active member, Felix had the chance to work for the international student network European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management (ESTIEM) as project leader in 2014, where he also got elected as a VP and board member in 2015. Through this intense experience, organizing events on entrepreneurship and corporate relations all across Europe, Felix knows well how to create cooperations of mutual benefits. He enjoys working in international teams, and creating something from scratch. In his free time, Felix enjoys social activities, from all kinds of games to different sports, learning languages and following a good story, may it be a book or a TV show.

 Julian-Alexander Neagu, Lead 3D Solutions Engineer
With a great eye for visual detail, a broad knowledge of 3D tools and more than 5 years of experience as a 3D artist, Julian knows what features get our customers excited. He gathered his first experiences in 3D game industry, working on diverse topics such as environment modeling, prop modeling, texturing, shading & lighting, and level design. During his stay at UMass at Dartmouth, MA (USA), he served as a tutor for digital media and video game production. Holding a Bachelor’s degree from the University of applied sciences Darmstadt, Julian has also been involved in 3D productions of all kind across Germany within the past few years, such as the 3D AR experience of the popular song and music video “Tunnel” by “Die Fantastischen Vier”. At Fraunhofer IGD, Julian was in charge of 3D data optimization pipelines for the visualization of 3D-scanned objects, bringing his technical experience and his know-how on the creation of beautiful, high-quality 3D visualization together.