RapidCompact Changelog

RapidCompact v1.6.0

  • USDZ export
  • OpenCTM import/export
  • New metrics system provides details on the execution of the individual commands
  • Improved glTF reader performance for larger geometries
  • Fixed error in merging of small charts into larger ones
  • Fixed errors in tangent generation under certain conditions which lead to errors in the output normal map
  • Fixed glTF issue when loading non supported primitive types
  • Fixed glTF issue failing to load single channel texture images
  • Fixed incomplete tesselation when loading certain OBJ meshes
  • Fixed issue that could lead to invalid UV indices when exporting OBJs
  • Fixed problems when loading certain JPEG files

RapidCompact v1.5.1

  • Fixed SDK bug that prevented multiple simplification instances in parallel
  • Increased precision of the position values written by the RPDX OBJ exporter
  • Fixed UV issues when mixed textured/non-textured parts are present in the input

RapidCompact v1.5.0

  • New simplifier mode that guarantees preservation of topology
  • Several simplification quality improvements, related to triangle flip prevention and handling of duplicate vertices
  • Significantly reduced number of tiny charts in UV segmentation
  • Fix in PLY loader for non-standard PLY files
  • Fix in tangent frame generation during texture baking
  • Consistent handling of texture format & channels in texture I/O
  • Added PBR maps to OBJ export when they were imported from glTF
  • Significantly faster PLY loading
  • Significantly faster OBJ writing

RapidCompact v1.4.1

  • Fix in CMake file RPDConfig.cmake (library detection on Linux)
  • Fixed warning regarding legacy IUV_KEYFILE variable
  • Resolved ambiguity for BakingDataSource in SDK
  • Fixed issue with license key detection in SDK

RapidCompact v1.4.0

  • Initial RapidCompact version by DGG