Our RapidCompact software allows to optimize 3D models for fast and appealing real-time visualization, in a fully-automated fashion. Below you can find a list of the key features.

RapidCompact CLI & SDK: Feature List

  • Web-ready 3D Data Export
      • As glTF (.gltf / .glb)
      • As ready-to-use HTML5 viewer


  • UV Atlas Generation
      • Fast & High Quality UV Unwrapping
      • Minimum-Stretch UV Relaxation without Overlaps
      • Mesh Segmentation for Automatic Chart Generation
      • Efficient Texture Atlas Packing


  • Mesh Simplification
      • Fast and Robust, High-Quality Results
      • Preservation of Boundaries and Fixing of Topological Errors
      • Configuration Options: Maximize Geometric Quality, Equalize Edge Lenghts, Weighted Simplification, …


  • Texture Baking
      • From Vertex Colors or Various Input Textures
      • Create a Compact Atlas Texture for any Input Channel (Base Color, Roughness, …)
      • Generate Normal Maps (Object Space & Tangent Space)
      • Generate Occlusion Maps and Displacement Maps


  • Image Generation / Thumbnail Generation
      • Render Thumbnail Images of 3D Models without a GPU (to PNG, JPEG, BMP, TGA)
      • Render Series of Images for a 360° View without 3D Rendering


  • Pipeline & Backend Integration
      • Use the RapidCompact Command Line Interface (CLI) for Batch Processing
      • For Deep Integration, use the RapidCompact C++ SDK
      • Builds Available for Various Plaforms
      • Supports Cloud-Based SaaS Infrastructures