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DGG: Your Strong Partner for End-to-End 3D Solutions

3D visualization workflows are currently emerging in different areas, and all around the globe. Be it Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), or 3D on the Web – the interest in 3D technology is already huge, and it is constantly growing further. However, many industries are struggling with the problem of designing and implementing scalable 3D workflows, as developing 3D content and related processing pipelines requires high technical expertise in this domain. This is where our expert team from DGG comes into play.

With our strong background in 3D digitization and 3D visualization technology and a great network of partners, we help you to develop robust and scalable 3D data processing workflows and end-to-end solutions: from a physical object, be it a single product or an entire scene, to an interactive visualization in VR, AR or on the Web.

We Make It Scalable!

Our core expertise is the implementation of scalable, industry-strength workflows for 3D data processing. Want an example? With our RapidCompact software, we allow you to process thousands of 3D scanned data sets over night, using a single commodity PC, to prepare them for visualization by drastically reducing the amount of data without a visible impact on visual quality, and producing as a result ready-to-use 3D Web viewers for each of them. In contrast, alone the optimization of a single, typical 3D data set, as it is typically performed with semi-manual workflows, may cost a skilled 3D expert around 30 minutes of time. Our solution performs the same process in a fully-automated fashion, within less than 30 seconds – a drastical reduction of processing time! The effect? Processing 3D data on a large scale finally becomes affordable, and 3D workflows finally become scalable!


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